19th of March – beta 2

I will be going on a holiday for a week – so nothing new will come.

Here is the current binary as a beta 2:

– – withdrawn – – not the up to date version anymore!

Changes from last beta:

  • difficulty tweaking (still not finished) – my highscore is 75000 (about)
  • Bonus items (shield for one hit, faster shield, wider shield)
  • new sounds
  • sound track (beta)
  • starfield
  • dragon children “wiggle” 🙂
  • stars are a bit smaller
  • adaptable cycle count
  • highscore save and/load routines implemented – although still no highscore screen
    (loading from a PB6 using device – press any button during startup)
  • There is a new “glitch” bug, some “ships” are for one frame drawn at a wrong position
    (one can see it once a in a few minutes, that probably is some zeroing not correctly done – haven’t yet been able to find it 🙁 )

If you have some comments – just leave them here…


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