31st of March – Game Over

Today was nerve-wrecking.

I only wanted to do some small stuff – but I discovered a couple of bugs in vide – that needed fixing.

Than I went glitch hunting again – and again unsuccessfully. It’s not the stars, it MUST be something explosion related but I absolutely can’t figure out what it is.

Than after more Vide fixing (stupid syntax highlighting) – I finally came around to do a little on release. I started a “death” scene. There should be absolutely no doubt left – it is GAME OVER!
(But that “scene” is also not finished – sound e.g. …)


One thought on “31st of March – Game Over

  1. vtk

    nice animation work! 🙂

    ps. good news; the music is almost finished, just some final checking/tidying up to do….

    (… bad news; it’s a little over 10k…) :p

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