10th of March beta

Last night I finished a version (which I would liked to offer as a public beta) – to get perhaps a little feedback.


  • all different enemy types
  • collision detection
  • basic framework for all enemy objects
  • scoring
  • basic optimizations
  • game is actually playable 🙂

Not done:

  • game balance
  • bonus items
  • most game sounds/music
  • finishing optimization
  • title/intro/extro
  • high scores

The source code is actually easily configurable – so adding the bonus that are planned shouldn’t be to hard.

  • speed of the shield
  • width of the shield
  • a “shield”
  • perhaps a “smart bomb”?

The game as it is – is quite hard – highest score I have reached yet is about 5000 points. It would be quite easy to make it harder – but about making it easier – I have to think about  :-).


Anyway – you can download the beta version here:

– – withdrawn – – not the up to date version anymore!


If you like it – please leave a comment – but also if you do not – so I can perhaps change some things.



4 thoughts on “10th of March beta

  1. GeoAnas

    Another great game with your official shield of quality! 🙂

    Well, I gave it a try via “VecFever”. I found it quite challenging although hard to play.
    After some games, I finally figured out the way to destroy alien ships by releasing the shield in time.

    Could I make some comments?
    – Graphics are superior. Very crisp and well drawn on screen.
    – I’d like to hear more sound effects, wouldn’t be nice? 😉
    – Game-play is simple and great! It certainly kept me playing over and over…Problem is that I found it too hard (I know…my playing abilities are a bit rusty! ). Each game didn’t last more than some seconds! 🙂
    Hmm…What about an option screen (or some kind of training mode) to adjust difficulty?
    – To one of my Veccys, the score board looks somehow miscalibrated, with the last digit drawn out of screen bounds. I have started a topic on “iamretro” (Greek), so you can judge by yourself from the screenshots, I posted there.
    – The game’s designed to be played with one button only. This feature, I enjoyed much cause keeps the player focused on strictly when to release the shield in time.

    Well, I’ll keep playing, hoping to raise my high scores!
    Thanks again for releasing …”Release” !

    1. Malban Post author

      Thanks for liking it so far. About the comments….

      That’s what a beta is about…

      I mentioned the missing parts in the accompanied posting, might I repeat :-):

      – game balance
      – bonus items
      – most game sounds/music
      – finishing optimization
      – title/intro/extro
      – high scores

      … and for instructions – the first posting on the release blog is mainly about exactly that – I didn’t really want to repeat myself.


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