11th February 2017

As predicted – I did not have much time the last days to spend on Release. Only thing I did was to implement the in the last post mentioned next step “The shield”.

Basic unoptimized and “disconnected base” shield is implemented.

The first version looks like:


2 thoughts on “11th February 2017

  1. vtk

    it begins 🙂

    with the shield will you be changing the thickness of the shield depending on the level/round.. or if the player gets a bonus item to make the shield thicker perhaps?
    (because the thicker the shield the easier it is destroying enemies? … sorry as you know i cant play the android game for myself so dont know much of the fine details of the game)

    1. Malban Post author

      Shield width should be more or less constant and not level dependend.

      There might be a bonus, that extends the shield range for a limited time – thats how it works in the original anyway :-9

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