29th of April – Uff! -> Done!

Man – I never did – and probably never will again – three updates to a single blog a day.

Anyways – just some photos – I let them speak for themselves:

(all cards tested – they work – will send all that out next week)





It’s to late to do spelling corrections. I found a couple of them by myself already. But I bet everyone understands what I wanted to convey…



I tested the cards on all three of my vectri.

One thing I noticed (which I did not before):

Please tune the brightness of your vectrex so that you can see the stars moving – otherwise you will not enjoy the game to its fullest visual extend!


7 thoughts on “29th of April – Uff! -> Done!

  1. Christopher Kelley

    I want to biy Vectrex Release game cartridge how much cost? I am from Houston,Texas USA. Price for cartridge and shipping total $?

    1. Malban Post author

      It is not for sale (anymore). But I guess it will be at some stage from various other places. Check back in 2-3 weeks time on the popular “homebrew” cartridge sale places.

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