3rd of Mai 2017 – The End – Release released

Release programming is finished.

All parcels have been packed and were brought to the post office yesterday.

TODAY actually the first one arrived – so I deem this is the time, this is the place – Release is released to the public domain.

Here comes the full package of everthing that is and was Release V1.01:

UPDATE! – Above file was updated on 7th of May!
In the old version there were glitches in the demo mode!

The above file is about 7.5MB in size. It contains all source code, all music, cartridge label, box title, instructions – everything.


Even the binaries! Please consult the provided textfiles (or see below), which “bin” file to use.


There is even a “making of” history included which consists of 32 different “stages” of Release programming. The earliest from January 2017 when I did first tentative tests, without even the permission of the “Originals”.

After seeing Vectrex Roli’s last Video – one advice for playing Release:

Please adjust the brightness of  your Vectrex, so that you can clearly discern the starfield.

That brightnesslevel really makes a visual difference in my opinion.

That said, there are two textfiles included. One for the “user”, one in the source directory for the interested “programmer”.

For convenience sake, here direct links:





I hope some of you have as much fun playing Release as I had porting it.


19 thoughts on “3rd of Mai 2017 – The End – Release released

  1. VectrexMad!

    Slick graphics with no flicker and very addictive game play.
    A big thank you for such an excellent produced game. Plus you give the source code to help educate us slower developers.

    I give you a Vectrex salute!

  2. Jürgen

    After playing it many times now i must say “wow” – thanks so much for releasing “Release”! Please keep on your great support for the Vectrex, Malban.

  3. Chris Parsons

    I’ve been playing this a fair bit recently and put it on at a games meet at a friend’s as it makes a great High Score competition game. Quality.

  4. Vectrexmad! (Ian)

    What no announcement about the Polybius update as mentioned elsewhere (Vectrex Fans Unite Facebook page). Should also show some of the fantastic colour pictures made by Jason Kopp and his colour vector monitor.

    1. Malban Post author

      Ah… Release-Blog is finished :-).

      Polybius was only sent to Jason – its a “private” update (hem – as private as FB can get).

      Color will only be “fully” interesting – when/if Jason does the “real” (programmable) color version – you WILL be able to read that on the Vide blog for sure!

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