31st of March II – 32632

Beta 5 – had been for download.

The bin file was 32632 bytes long, missing still:

  • final music
  • some soundeffect
  • options menu
  • some texts

I am not sure what I will do – optimizing is well and nice – but not for thousands of bytes.

Either I will shorten some of the planned or already implemented stuff – or I might do a 64k – bankswitched module. But from what I know most multicards and flashcards might have problems with that – I am not amused :-0.

I have (for trial purposes) already build a bankswitched version – but as of yet decided against it. The music is still the beta version so until I get the final version – no final decision will be made.

Changes from last beta (I think – I am confused as to what was in the last beta…).

  • gameplay gets difficult more slowly – the game is as hard as ever – but later 🙂
  • there are new enemy behaviours new to the scene which I call “raids” and “squadrons” – you will see what I mean
  • possibly new sound effects
  • starfield animation
  • high score screen, and persistency (VecFever and DS 2431 chip), if played from a FLASH card make sure you have a button pressed till the in game title screen of Release appears
  • title screen with an animated RELEASE and a scrolltext with (yes – now I say it) a (in runtime) clipped vectorfont for SMOOTH scrolling
  • ending “scene” – so there is now doubt your base was destroyed!
  • game over message (I know it is a boastable feature for a simple message) which consists of (in runtime) in all directions rotated vectorfonts

Ah yes – and still everything in 50Hz!

Grab it while it is hot and not removed :-):

— withdrawn — not the up to date version anymore!

That was the last beta Release!

(Highscore with exactly that version, one game tried ~ 90000)

9 thoughts on “31st of March II – 32632

  1. vtk

    hey, i have finished the music now, so will tidy up the last few bits of it and send it to you very soon. i just tried this new beta on my vecmulti but it does not load (pressing/holding button/s on controller does not work) :[

    1. Malban Post author

      Not now. The last beta is outdated – and the release version not finished yet.

      But the blog is not finished yet – at some stage there will be a RELEASE 🙂 !

    1. Malban Post author

      I will do a “personal” physical release. In that sense it will be a limited run.
      I will do about 20 carts – and the possible recipients are more or less determined by now – even if they themselfs do not know it :-).

      After that – Release will be public domain. I expect (and hope) that it will find its way to multi cards/Packrats or other distributions.

      I conversed with the original designers and they approve that course of action.

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